How to close a deal from a distance… with video.

How to close a deal from a distance… with video.

Why is this skill so important?

  • Scenario 1: You have a product or service that you want to sell to someone and you want to get customers from a network like Facebook. (selling one to many)
  • Scenario 2: You have a potential client that has told you they would like for you to send them more information and you need to get it to them in a clear and concise way… so that you can move the sales process along. (selling one to one)
  • Scenario 3: You need a 24/7 demo of what you do in your business so that you can give it out at a moments notice (like when you’re at dinner, speaking at an event, etc).

Whatever your reason…
Being able to put together a tight 3-5 minute video that explains the product that you have for sale and why someone should buy it from you is an art.

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